Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 2 - Time to say Good Bye

Yes, it's dinner time and we had these simple Chinese foods as our dinner. Not that expensive.

Halloween mode: The Pumpkin Men appear in
the special night Parade ( in conjunction of the
first day opening for Halloween Theme).

A very familiar scene in my memory, the fairy
castle that always appeared in the end of Walt
Disney Cartoon Program. The exciting moment:
We were waiting for the fire work to start at
9.30pm, hurray!

Jason loves this "Halloween" theme but it sounds
a bit scary for me in the begining of the visit.

Bye, HK Disneyland! Mickey Mouse in this
typical dress up, reminds me on the Mickey
Piggybank which launched by Standard Charted
Bank many years ago.

Day 2 - Disneyland Fantasy VI: Winnie the Pooh

Row, row the boat and we shall see Pooh and Tiger in the beautiful forest. Thumbs Up for the
nice setting in this Winnie Wonderland.

Who is your favourite? Winnie or Tiger?

Thanks to the funfilled world of Winnie the Pooh, at least we could escape from the hot sun for

Day 2 - Disney Fantasy V: Oo-Ee-Oo

Once upon a time, there was a hero called Tarzan...this is the home Tarzan- King of the Jungle which built on top of a tree.

Finally, Jason decided to take up the musical course offered by Tarzan and his family in the Jungle.

Believe or not, this is not a real elephant but it looks so real even can move its trunk. This Tarzan home is created to fulfill the dream of city folks, I guess.

Day 2 - Disney Fantasy IV: Small Small World

Small Small World
This is a small x 2 yet very wonderful world. We took a boat trip to tour this small small world. The song "Is a small small world" was sang in 52 languages during the whole journey tour the small small world. It showcase of many different unique cultural across the world: Asia, Europe, North America, Africa...The colourful setting really cheers us up.

Day 2 - Disney Fantasy III: Great Shows

There were a lot of performances in the HK Disneyland. We were so happy to watch the Lion King Musical Show in indoor as it was a very hot day. We plan our visit schedule to be mostly indoor at 11am-4pm. Btw, the actors and actresses were fantastic, the props, stage setting and facilities were in superb standard as well.

The“GoldenMickey” is truly amazing, anyone who visit to Disneyland should not miss out this Excellent show. Besides indoor shows, the Disney Parade is also a must-see (unfortunately, we have to sacrifice a bit on the Daily Parade due to the last call of "Golden Mickey". However, we still manage to enjoy the evening Parade at the theme of "Halloween", this is a special bonus as the day we visited is the launching of Halloween Disneyland.

"Kesian" on the performers of High School Musical. They were performing under the hot sun, around 3pm, temperature could be around 33 celcious degree. Yet, they were very professional,
seems to be enjoying themselves in the performance too.

Day 2 - Disney Fantasy II: Embrace the Mascots

Embrace the Mascot
The first thing to do in Disney Land was taking picture with the most Gorgeous Super Star Couple - Mickey and Minnie! We have queued up for about 40minutes under the Hot Sun. We were not allow to make funny poses for the photograph session. Later in the afternoon, we met Goofy and Donald Duck in the garden. For every 15 minutes of photograph session, there will be a make up break. What make up? I suspect they have 2 shifts of staff to take turn to wear the mascot costume.

Due to the pack schedule, we miss the opportunity to pose with Snow White and Princess Belle. Also, I could not queue for "Chip and Dale" as we need to rush for the "Haunted House". Among all the Disney Cartoon Characters, I think Minnie is most 风骚, she perform all the nice pose and she can dance very well too.

Day 2 - Disney Fantasy I: A Journey to Surprise

A Journey to Surprise
Our 2nd day in HK is dedicated to DisneyLand, therefore we departed to this wonderland right after breakfast. When we reached the Sunny Bay MTR Station (Tung Chung Line), both of us were delighted with the mickey mouse-windows at the MTR train, so charming! Even the holder ring for passengers were also designed in the mickey mode. We wish the LRT in Malaysia could showcase some kind of creativity, I believe it will be a fun touch in our life.

Day 2 - Fun, Fun, Fun in Disneyland

Day 2- Fun, Fun, Fun in Disneyland
Jason was proud showing the T-shirt that he wear:
Astro Blaster

Jason was attracted by this professor on
"motorbike" (it was auto-moving).

See how mighty I am, can save a planet, ho...ho...

The sky was getting dark and it was time for Jason
favourite activity: The Haunted House. Averagely,
we queque up for more than 30 minutes to enter
these haunted houses ( each with 3 different theme:
Old Western Hotel, Jungle Sreaming and Alien
Attack!!) None of them are scary enough...

This is “旋轉杯”, 超過癮的,exciting but a bit

See, how much a child (the little girl next to me)
enjoy themself in Disney, her facial expression
tell it all.

Day 2 - Breakfast

Delicious HK Traditional Breakfast(街边小吃)
Not many hawker food available in the early morning, so we went for the 24-hours mini restaurant (rather called it as food stall). We had porridge, red bean soup and "You Chao Kuai" as our breakfast. This is the first for me to try 荔湾艇仔粥”, variety of ingredients
and tasty too. The fried lotus paste ball looks bigger than what we used to have in Malaysia.
Their "You Chao Kuai" were kept in the frying machine, is a good idea and convenient for
business.Total cost for this breakfast: HKD49 (average charges, but value for the varieties)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 1 - Avenue of Stars

After dinner, we rushed to the sea front, known as "Avenue of Stars" to see the Symphony of Lights. The 15 min presentation started at about 8:00pm. It was a very nice experience to see all the buildings in the Hong Kong island lighted up and the lights dance according to the music in the background.

Looks like the Big Ben Clock Tower in London.

Both of us look tired...

After walking for the whole day...

Oscar lady

The actor and the actress..

Day 1 - Dinner

We went to the Sweet Dynasty Restaurant to have our dinner. Vicky has done some research on food and we managed to find that restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Beef Noodle

Salted Fish rice

Desert... Red beans and Tofu

Black Sesame Tong Sui

Satisfied with our dinner

Posing in front of the restaurant