Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 3 - Breakfast - Dim Sum

This is one of the famous dim sum/ kuih in Hong
Kong called 马蹄桂花糕, often mentioned in the HK
TV series。It taste a bit sweet but nice to eat, I
like the ingredient of "water chestnut".
This the "King of prawn dim sum" (虾饺皇),
i guess the name is due to the big prawn size.
It taste very fresh (the prawn meat).
Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun. This one is too thick,
not smooth enough, I prefer the "HK Chee Cheong
Fun" that available in Malaysia.
Dim Sum (Pork mince with 2 types of mushroom),
portion were big. Taste above average.
P/s: Eating Dim Sum in HK, do not expect for any
Chili or tomato source, it just not a common practice.

Looks, the ambient of these restaurant is good,
looks like it is cater for wedding and other occasion
Federal Palace Restaurant is one of the established
group of restaurant in HK, just like Tai Tong or
海外天 group of restaurant in Malaysia.