Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 5 - Mooncake and others

This is the "Heng Xian" biscuit shop located
at Kwoloon (Yau Ma Tei, if not mistaken)- We
bought "Lao Po Peng" (no need to travel to
Yuen Long)and mooncake from this famous brand.
Some of the delicacies picked up from wet market,
Jason like the 橄榄菜very much, but not available
in Malaysia.
Hey, hey, some of the mooncakes and "Lao Po
Peng" bought from HK.

This mooncake is specially dedicated for the
Transformer's Fan.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 5- Irresistible Egg Tart

These egg tarts were superb fresh, hot, crispy and
off course yummy. The "egg ingredients" is soft and
as thick as 2-3 inches, one bite will make it "melt" in
your mouth.
Some of its branches even launched a
promotion, called 怀旧价(same price
as the good old days)

泰昌also offer Mooncake.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 5 - Famous Wantan Mee Shop

This is the famous Wantan Mee Shop located at
HK island (Central). Not open at night.

Lots of young working class (white collar) queued up
in front of this shop at lunch hours.

"Kangkung tak masak dengan Balacan", the yellow
sauce taste very unique(with lots of peanut), but
definitely not spicy.

Looks plain but so delicious. Such a big portion with Wantan as big as a fist.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 4 - Shopping

Fa Yuen (Flower Garden) Street Market is a good place to shop for affordable clothings, quite fashionable yet not expensive.
Finally, Jason got his 1st pair of NIKE sport shoe from HK, he plan to wear it for MIZUNO 10km run on end of Oct.
Thomas Sabo is slightly cheaper in HK as they don't need to pay for import tax. I choose this little mushroom because of its shape and color.

Embroidery tissue case from Stanley Market, presentable and value for money.

Day 4 - Snow Flake Desserts

After watching "So Far So Good" 苏师傅on the 3rd nite, I decided to try out this snow flake desserts 雪花冰at the Famous shop called "糖百府". We order coffee flavour, it was so delicious, never try this before in Malaysia.
There were so many flavour and you may have some other side order.
See, so many queue up, we even need to get a number for waiting. The shop is quite small so can't accommodate many customers. We took a 15 minutes walk to near by shops then come back just on time for our turn.

“糖百府” is located at Hak Po Street. We went there twice as the shop not open in daytime, they start the business at about 6pm.

Day 4 - A Wonderful Dinner

Yummy, yummy...Jason longed to taste this HK famous delicacy "Roast Geese" 烧鹅。We found one restaurant offered this dish, is located near Mong Kok.
We ordered one vege dish to make it a more balance diet:) They serve us Chinese tea in wine glass, it doesn't really matter, as the food was good. The bill came up to around HK150.
Look, they have 50% promotion but unfortunately not apply for Sat. and Sun:( and we going to leave on Monday nite.
After the dinner, we took "Gui Ling Gao"(龟龄膏) as dessert. We didn't choose 海天堂though it is very popular and common (so many outlets) in HK ( and recently open its 1st branch at Sunway). This shop is named 百宝堂, Jason and I like this jelly, taste very original.

Jason took picture in front of 百宝堂,nice feel.

Day 4 - Hawker Foods

A classic breakfast offered in the HK cafe, is called "餐前一叮",is actually fast food noodle plus ham, hot dogs and etc. Big portion, could be share for 2 pax.

Some of the fried snacks display at the hawker's stall. Didn't try any, 'cos still full.
We got this fish ball as part of our lunch, Jason liked it.
碗仔翅-another common HK delicacies, but this one not very delicious, a bit tasteless.

Ha,ha...long time didn't taste this 猪红(pork's liver) , mum used to cook this when I was a little girl.

Day 4- Bird Street

This green furry gentlemen is called "Char Siew". He was quite funny, trying to get our attention. The owner said he does not have any life partner yet as parrot are quite choosy. And they normally stick to one partner only.
This is "Nui Nui", a parrot with the wisdom of 6-years old kid. The owner said he was bought at an expensive price (5 figure). This parrot can sing, talk and "manja" with the owner as shown in the picture. HK Bird Street used to organize bird competition, but no longer popular now.
The backdrop of this picture tells you our location - Bird Street in HK. Is a nice wall painting, isn't it? They are mainly old man who kill their time by watching birds in this street. So, there are 2 types of famous bird (雀) in their daily life: 麻将(有时也称麻雀)及赏雀.
Look carefully, these are not ordinary dustbin, it means for the disposal of DEAD BIRD only.
Grasshoppers - the yummy food for the birds, but looks ugly.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 4- The Flower Street

Day 4 (20 Sept), Sat. - The Flower Street
Since the weather in Hong Kong was so hot, we decided not to go to Lantau Island again for the Gigantic Buddha. Instead, we want to visit the Bird Street (not bird park). Before reaching the Bird Street, we accidentally went into the Flower Street.

Yes, 鸟语花香,we enjoyed all the beautiful flowers before getting to the entrance of bird street.
Basically this is the wholesale market for fresh flowers, just like the one in Petaling Street, KL.
Mini green apple in one of the florist shop.
Wow, lovely orchid, I wish I could get this at home.
I guess their business are good since there are so many concerts and performance of the Superstar held in Hong Kong each year.