Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 4 - Snow Flake Desserts

After watching "So Far So Good" 苏师傅on the 3rd nite, I decided to try out this snow flake desserts 雪花冰at the Famous shop called "糖百府". We order coffee flavour, it was so delicious, never try this before in Malaysia.
There were so many flavour and you may have some other side order.
See, so many queue up, we even need to get a number for waiting. The shop is quite small so can't accommodate many customers. We took a 15 minutes walk to near by shops then come back just on time for our turn.

“糖百府” is located at Hak Po Street. We went there twice as the shop not open in daytime, they start the business at about 6pm.

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